New Blog Post: Coveting Google #ProjectGlass and #MuseumNext

So I have a (summer) resolution, no matter where it is, I am going to the next #MuseumNext conference. I was watching streaming presentations (but missed the AR one, deng it!) and I so wanted to be there also to hear my personal hero(ine) Nancy Proctor speak. She is always so amazing and insightful, I never get tired of listening to her and her brilliant ideas. She was instrumental in allowing me access the Antenna Audio handheld tour for Tate when it was in Beta, which formed the basis for my Master’s. Thank you Nancy (although I am 100% sure she won’t remember me!)

Watch her interview (all rights reserved to MuseumNext, don’t sue me!)


Anywho…Brilliant presentations and would love to hear more about it from the people who were there…Lots of stuff about using Google Analytics but I am wondering whether any other way of tracking was discussed? Can’t wait for the presentations to be posted on the MuseumNext site, if anything I find it a bit underdeveloped, they should really do more with that, me thinks…

I have been following Google ProjectGlass on Google+ and I am literally itching to use them for the soon-to-be-formed project for my PhD. I think I will try to get in touch once we actually have a project proposal, I will beg, steal and grovel if I need to but I know it would be ground breaking if we get to use them also, I am assuming, you will be able to integrate GA with them so to make tracking a lot easier.

Still no word about PhD proposal…


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