Stuff I like

I get inspired by a lot of things, people, places, ideas…These are just a few.

Travels and stuff…

I am in love with Sweden, its people, its museums and Stockholm is where I go to be happy. I am always happy in Stockholm, I belong there. I hang out in Södermalm,  you’ll usually find me having breakfast at Pom och Flora, lunch at barobao or buying buns at Petrus.  I am on a quest to find Stockholm’s best meatballs, so far Pelikan is on top…Reading on a bench in Mariatorget or Nytorget is a favourite in summer, as is travelling to my friend’s house on Ramsö, peace in its basic form.

One of my favourite cities, Delft and another one, NYC but off the beaten path I am happy just walking down the streets of either city. For something unique go see or stay at the Carlton Arms

I am an unashamed Disney fan, yep love the Mouse and go there (WDW) any chance I get. get over it.

I like shopping at Flux in Leith, I don’t get to go very often but I always find something there that catches my eye…

My favourite word is Serendipity, everything interesting about life comes back to it.

Tecchie stuff I like

Estimote ibeacons – lets use them in a gallery

Not Impossible Labs – you rock guys!

My dream project: Google Project Glass

Inspirational and useful, the Earthquake AR project in New Zealand

The next best thing to being there, Google Art Project

I always though this was the coolest thing: Tate in Space

Bert and Ernie in AR!! Love the jukebox!

Artsy stuff I like

The very cool interactive project via twitter to design the Edinburgh Fringe cover in 2010 by the now stratospherically famous Joanna Basford. Check out her work, books etc.

I am really chuffed by the amazing, misterious, book sculptures

My friend Kelly Stewart is an amazing artist and the only one I know that makes a living being an artist!


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