New blog post: the future is bright…maybe

So after a few months licking my wounds after the Leicester fiasco (they rejected my proposal for being to underdeveloped, errr… isn’t that what THEY are for? Mah!) I am still alive and somewhat kicking and trying to devote my attention and un-channelled energy for the greater good.

After taking up sewing, which I find really cathartic and satisfying, it’s now time to really, seriously, find a new quest.

I am looking at one project very hugh hush at the moment with AR (yes still kicking about with that) and certainly looking at other potential avenues. I think my days as a student are well and truly over but the interest and development will never be.

So what has been happening out there? I actually went to a seminar about creating interactive publications for Ipads and Tablets, which I thought was very interesting and had quite a lot of potential.

I use an Ipad2 and have no plans to upgrade for now as it is mighty expensive and Apple seems to launch a new one every 7 months (cue snigger here). we have in the house a Nexus tablet as well but it’s way too small for my tastes…

Anywho, turns out interactive pubs are really cool and I have been playing with the Lakeland one. 1- because I love my food and 2- because I find it really well done. Bummer they can’t add smells to it, although I am sure someone in a lab is developing something like that for sure.

So I am seeing this as an amazing potential tool for museums, where exhibitions catalogues are no longer static but  you can add rich media to it and make it a ‘living’ thing…plus you could integrate AR to it… (see what I have done there?)

watcha think?

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