For a pair of Pink shoes….

How many of us have been asked to provide copies of passports or drivers license as proof of indentity? Standard practice at interview I believe? How many know that is actually illegal? Yep, it is illegal to make copies of a government-issued document, whatever the purpose. So this morning I received this: Dear Gabriella, ThankContinue reading “For a pair of Pink shoes….”

New blog post: #AR in aid of disability

So the job I am doing now gives me the opportunity to work and interact with some amazing people. We work primarily with people with quite complex disabilities and interacting with them and their parents/carers got me thinking. We seem to rely an awful lot on touch, voice activation and what not but what ifContinue reading “New blog post: #AR in aid of disability”

New blog post: Socially modified objects?

I have applied for a post at EIF, we’ll see….good for the soul to think ‘laterally’ about Art. It would be a good opportunity to develop interesting stuff around performance…food for though people! I am writing this whilst listening to YoYo Ma, so forgive me if I sound a tad…’Inspired’, he does that to meContinue reading “New blog post: Socially modified objects?”

New blog post: the conundrum of being in a funk, aka: a cry for help

Help me. No, really…help me. As I am writing this I am staring at yet another rejection letter for a possible employer. “Dear Ms Hammell, we thank you for your interest in working with us….unfortunately….however…” I seriously want to scream. I wish they wouldn’t insult my intelligence by telling me the reason I didn’t getContinue reading “New blog post: the conundrum of being in a funk, aka: a cry for help”

New blog post: Of 3D, HFR and Hobbitses…precioussss #thehobbit

So I couldn’t resist, and why should I, thank you very much? Yes I am a museum geek but I also love epic sagas…wait…that also means I am a geek… 3D has been around now for what it feels like ions but frankly I was getting increasingly less excited about it as time went by because IContinue reading “New blog post: Of 3D, HFR and Hobbitses…precioussss #thehobbit”

New blog post: the future is bright…maybe

So after a few months licking my wounds after the Leicester fiasco (they rejected my proposal for being to underdeveloped, errr… isn’t that what THEY are for? Mah!) I am still alive and somewhat kicking and trying to devote my attention and un-channelled energy for the greater good. After taking up sewing, which I find really cathartic and satisfying,Continue reading “New blog post: the future is bright…maybe”