New Blog Post: Coveting Google #ProjectGlass and #MuseumNext

So I have a (summer) resolution, no matter where it is, I am going to the next #MuseumNext conference. I was watching streaming presentations (but missed the AR one, deng it!) and I so wanted to be there also to hear my personal hero(ine) Nancy Proctor speak. She is always so amazing and insightful, I neverContinue reading “New Blog Post: Coveting Google #ProjectGlass and #MuseumNext”

New blog post: And we’re off!

ok, so I have sent my proposal and application off to Leicester. Now the waiting begins…for your reading pleasure, here’s a bit from it. Be brutal! The contextualised object: how Augmented Reality expands museum objects’ identity  (aka the lamest title in the history of mankind, thank God is ‘provisional’) Tagline: How does the integration ofContinue reading “New blog post: And we’re off!”

New blog post: About to narrow it down…

ok so went to London and to the National Maritime Museum (also Harry Potter tour– Fab  Sundance London with Robert Redford (doubly Fab) and chatted with lovely Lucinda about new projects they are working on. An interesting one is their multimedia gallery tour for schools. it’s not AR in the way we are thinking aboutContinue reading “New blog post: About to narrow it down…”

New Blogpost: or here’s another option…

Maybe a comparative study of a LIVE Museum (I know I am plagiarising, sorry!) as a Museum that doesn’t ‘live’ in a building but it’s on the go (the mobile element is a must) and delivered via AR compared to traditional space-enclosed museum. Is it fair? How does social/participatory (another must for me) fit in?Continue reading “New Blogpost: or here’s another option…”

New Blogpost: Here’s a mouthful – A comparative study of how humans process cultural information when delivered through different AR systems?

As in contrast with how animal process it? Maybe not…Needs refining A comparative study on how cultural information is processed (and assimilated, learned) when delivered through different AR systems? The idea is to use different systems:  the brand new #projectglass from Google, the layar browsers etc. and see how people actually react and process culturalContinue reading “New Blogpost: Here’s a mouthful – A comparative study of how humans process cultural information when delivered through different AR systems?”

New Blog Post: Back to the Human question…

So I am reading left and right about AR and how technology can do this and that, the other and its brother BUT I am still not nailing this elusive research question. My interest has always been in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and how do Human beings interact with the medium in a museum context.Continue reading “New Blog Post: Back to the Human question…”

New Blog Post: it ain’t what you use…really…

I am starting to think I am missing a trick here: it isn’t really the platform one uses (although still think the glasses offer the best flexibility) but actually the content and how you make it work together.  Layering content I am thinking from different media, I would like the opportunity to think laterally and addContinue reading “New Blog Post: it ain’t what you use…really…”